African Dangerous Game Hunting Safaris | Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Hippo, Crocodile, Elephant

Dangerous Game Hunting in Namibia

Hunting dangerous game in Africa can be the thrill of a lifetime. Whether you are hunting Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Hippo or Crocodile, each species has a unique set of weapons to help even the score.

Buffalo Hunting

Buffalo are known to be aggressive at times, especially when wounded. And with the ability to handle a barrage of shots from large calibre rifles, you never know what to expect when following up a wounded animal. Stalking in on a large herd of Buffalo and getting within close range is a sure way to get the adrenaline pumping. When you understand that these animals regularly fight off attacking lions, survive, and then carry the scars to prove it, they must be treated with utmost respect. For most hunters coming to Africa, once they have experienced the pursuit of "Black Death" , it becomes an ongoing pursuit which follows them for a lifetime of hunting. Several of our clients have returned multiple times to hunt again and again for this interesting and dangerous animal.

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Leopard Hunting

Namibia is also known as a top choice for hunters interested in taking a trophy leopard. With diverse and thick terrain to call home, Namibia's leopards are known to grow big, and we have the photos to prove it. Since we started offering leopard hunts several years ago, we have taken some outstanding trophies with our clients. With leopard tags being extremely low in availability (for strong conservation measures by the Namibian government) our hunting areas hold the potential for some magnificent leopards. We focus our efforts on targeting large, male leopards and have had excellent success with our clients over the years. Tags are limited (and high in demand) so be sure to contact us as soon as possible if a large leopard is on your "bucket list".

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Elephant Hunting

If you are an experienced hunter and you are looking for the "hunt of a lifetime", you may want to consider booking an elephant hunt. Elephant are the largest creatures on the planet, and while many view them as being timid, calm animals (likely after visiting a zoo) — elephants are in fact quite aggressive and extremely dangerous to hunt. Often travelling in large herds containing both cows and calves, elephant cows become quite protective and very aggressive while confronting any potential threats to their young. Stalking into effective shooting range on a herd of elephants is sure to be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. If something goes wrong, even a slight swirling of the wind, the entire herd may charge. It's an adrenaline rush that simply cannot be matched.

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Hippo Hunting

Alongside of hunting Africa's big cats, and the legendary elephant hunts that dreams (and nightmares) are made of, Namibia also hosts a pair of water dwelling species which you may want to consider adding to your trophy list. Both crocodile and hippo make for interesting hunts. And in both cases, the hunting is often more difficult than some people believe.

Hippos often congregate in large numbers in water holes surrounded by thick bush. If you really want to test your ability to handle stress in a "tight situation", try stalking in on a 3,000 pound hippo that's ready to charge at any moment. Hippos are often perceived as slow moving, easy targets that you can just pick off as you please. However, the reality is that a large trophy hippo may turn and charge you at full speed in the blink of an eye. If you have never watched a hippo charge on video, you may want to do so before signing up for this hunt. It will likely either encourage you to scratch it off of your list, or push it higher in the "must do" category. Of course, not every hippo hunt results in a charge, and we'll do our best to avoid those situations. But if shooting a hippo is in your plans, it's a good idea to know what you're potentially getting yourself into.

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Crocodile Hunting

Crocodiles appear to still be living in the dinosaur age, and one close look at their eyes and teeth will give anyone a nightmare. Crocodile are prehistoric looking reptiles, with lightning quick speed, crushing jaws, and protective armour surrounding their bodies.

If you are interested in adding a crocodile to your trophy room, be prepared to make a perfect shot on a very small, precise target. As most crocodile hunting takes place on the edge of the water, an instant killing shot is required to anchor the animal where it lies. Any small error on the bullet placement and the croc will quickly swim away and disappear. Neck shots are normally the best option, and if executed properly, will anchor even the largest crocodile where he lays.

Crocodile hunting can be very exciting and getting close to one of these large predators is an exciting addition to any safari. At Engelbrecht Safaris we typically hunt crocodile by baiting an area with either shallow water or sandbars. Once the crocs start hitting the baits we will attempt to get a shot opportunity for our clients. Hunting shallower areas increases the chance of recovering an animal who disappears after the shot. However it is necessary for clients to be very accurate with their shooting before attempting this hunt.

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