Cape Buffalo Hunting in Namibia | Buffalo Hunting Safaris in Africa

Cape Buffalo Hunting Safaris in Namibia

Cape buffalo are legendary game animals in Africa, and truly represent the types of adventures available on safari. Often travelling in large herds, and known to be aggressive when confronted, Cape buffalo are commonly the #1 species on a big game hunters wish list.

Cape buffalo, also known as "Black Death", are large, tough animals who can keep going after multiple hits from large calibre rifles. In the case of a buffalo charge, even multiple hits right into the boiler room may not drop a bull in his tracks. As a result, cape buffalo must be taken very seriously when hunted, and clients must be willing to get into tight situations if pursuing any of Africa's dangerous game.

Cape Buffalo Hunting Packages

For many of our hunting clients, buffalo are the top priority. We have areas available with massive herds of buffalo which are a larger distance away from our lodge, but which offer opportunities at larger herds and typically larger bulls. For other clients on a mixed plains game hunt or more casual safari, it may be better to spend a couple of days hunting buffalo in a closer hunting area, passing up a few inches of horn for less travel time. Depending on your individual interests and requests, we can put together a buffalo hunting package that meets your goals for the safari. Regardless of the details, you are sure to get an adrenaline rush when the crosshairs get settled in on your first cape buffalo!