Cheetah Hunting in Namibia | Trophy Cheetah Hunts in Africa

Cheetah Hunting in Namibia

Namibia is the only country in the world where you can legally hunt cheetah. While there are very strict exporting regulations (and even stricter regulations for importing into many countries), Namibia still provides an excellent opportunity for sport hunting these beautiful cats.

Cheetah are well known for being the fastest running animal on the planet, and can run down Africa's antelope at mind blowing speeds. With their incredible ability to run down fresh meat, cheetah are not scavengers such as many of the larger cats in Africa. So while a leopard or lion may respond well to baiting, and return regularly to feed, cheetah prefer to hunt down a fresh kill on their own. As a result, cheetah don't respond to baiting tactics, so hunting them can become quite tricky — and often involves a good bit of luck!

Many professional hunters will tell you that cheetah hunting is largely a matter of being in the "right place at the right time".

At Engelbrecht Safaris we have taken some beautiful cheetah over the years, and have a large trophy male proudly displayed in our lodge. Currently, hunters from Canada are allowed to import cheetah trophies with the appropriate paperwork completed. (Contact Us for Details.) Hunters from the U.S. are not allowed to import trophies, but are still allowed to hunt them with a permit.

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