Elephant Hunting Safaris in Namibia | Hunt Trophy Elephant in Namibia, Africa

Elephant Hunting Safaris in Namibia

Elephant hunting is often the peak moment in a hunting career. Hunters will travel from all over the world in hope of having just one shot at a true, trophy elephant. And when that moment finally comes, the rush of squeezing the trigger on such an amazing animal is really what hunting is all about.

Elephant hunting is particularly interesting due to the strict management practices implemented by local government agencies. With very specific rules and restrictions on which types of animals may be harvested based on the limited permits, hunters will often have the opportunity to get very close to several elephants while on safari, as outfitters, guides, and government officials judge animals for certain criteria. It may take several days and several groups of elephants before a shootable animal is located, and this only adds to the excitement of the hunt.

Elephant Hunting Packages

For a lot of our clients joining us on safari, they are surprised to learn how affordable it actually is to take an elephant in Namibia. With various options for tags available (trophy, non-trophy, problem animal, etc.) it is possible to experience the rush of an elephant hunt without needing a second mortgage on your house! While many parts of Africa are extremely expensive for elephant hunting, we offer some reasonably priced options for hunters looking to add an elephant to their photo albums and hunting experiences.

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