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Hippo Hunting in Namibia

Hippo hunting has become more popular over the years for hunters travelling on safari in Africa. With the reputation of aggressive charges and large bulls coming crashing towards you right out of the water, it's not surprising that more and more hunters are adding hippo hunting to their wish list in Africa.

Hippos are massive, interesting animals and they can be hunted with a couple of different strategies. Depending on our client's requests (as well as physical abilities and shooting abilities) we may either hunt hippos along the edge of the water, shooting them as they surface, or we may hunt them on dry land. Each type of hunting has its advantages, although over recent years more hunters have become interested in hunting the hippos on higher ground.

Old, mature bulls will often separate themselves from the main herds and spend their days in small water holes or pools back in the thicker bush. When confronted in these situations, it is quite common for the bulls to come crashing out of those ponds in a full charge towards the hunters. If this situation arises, there is little that can be done — aside from a perfect brain shot — to live to hunt another day. These situations must be taken very seriously, as many a hunter (and non-hunter) have been killed by charging hippos. So we don't go out looking for these dangerous situations with our clients. However, for those clients interested in shooting a hippo on dry ground, and those willing to risk a charge, we do offer some very exciting spot and stalk hippo hunting through some interesting terrain. Often, shots will be at close range, and adrenaline rushes from these encounters can be very tough to beat.

If you're interested in an exciting spot and stalk hunt for a giant hippo bull, certainly contact us today and we would be happy to offer more details about the hunt.