Leopard Hunting in Namibia | Trophy Leopard Hunts in Africa

Leopard Hunting in Namibia

Namibia has become recognized as a top choice for trophy leopard hunting. With excellent populations of leopards throughout the country, Northern Namibia in particular has produced some exceptional trophies over the years. As any trophy hunter worldwide will agree, there are multiple factors required to produce high quality animals of any species. Excellent food sources, heavy cover, and carefully managed hunting are all contributing factors to success – regardless of the species.

In Northern Namibia where Engelbrecht Safaris conducts their leopard hunts, a combination of tough, mountainous terrain, thicker flat terrain and an abundance of plains game as a food source,help leopards have the ability to reach their true trophy potential. Additionally, with only a very small number of permits being issued every year, our cats have the opportunity to grow to their full potential as hunting pressure is very limited.

Leopards are incredibly intelligent cats and can be tricky to hunt without a proper set up. While some parts of Africa will allow for hunting leopards with dogs, at Engelbrecht Safaris we operate these hunts completely on a baited basis. Leopard baits will be set up for several days in advance of the hunt, and we always do everything possible to improve our odds of success.

At Engelbrecht Safaris we always make a point of telling our hunters what to expect in the field (as much as possible) so there aren't any negative surprises along the way. When it comes to leopard hunting, the most important thing hunters must have is patience.

Engelbrecht Safaris has had extremely high success rates on trophy leopards over the past several seasons. We will only pull the trigger on mature male leopards, and our Trophy Gallery speaks for itself. Given the extremely limited permits available, it is recommended that you book your hunt well in advance to increase your chance of receiving a tag. If a trophy leopard is on your bucket list, please Contact Us Today For More Information.

Please check out our Namibia Leopard Hunting Gallery for photos of the trophy leopards taken recently in our areas.